About Us

video courtesy – Anthony Anderson

A Few Things About Us

We are not another big faceless company, just a couple that appreciates the outdoors. After 20 years of camping, we simply decided it was time to make it more accessible and affordable. 

There are also a few things we’ve noticed, like how camping favours folks with 4-wheel-drive vehicles.

Or how a first camping trip is a high-dollar affair, between tents, bags, food, and the RV camper itself.

Camping is an investment, and we want to help make it an affordable one.

Pod Camper – Camping Game Changer

Our pod trailers are 100% Australian owned and made which is made of low-density polyethylene plastic weighing from 450kg – 650kg, which means any vehicle with a tow bar can tow our pod campers.

We carefully fit it out to meet all requirements for camping, off-road and off-grid ready, with affordable hiring price; we made it the way that’s quick and easy to set up and pack up.

It sounds like camping with a caravan, but only 1/5 of the weight, or camping with a camper trailer, but two times quicker to set up and pack away. Sounds too good to be true? Well, we’ve made it come true!

Would like to own one of these amazing pod trailers/campers?

We are not only one of the customers of Trailmaster Industries, the producer; we are also their proud dealer within SA.

The reason we chose them is that their pod trailers are customizable and versatile. They can be used as work trailer only or pimped out to be a camper like we did.

Check out our price list and start to customize your own trailer/camper!  Or check them out in our showroom at Macpac Adventure Hub Enfield – 399-403 Main N Rd, Enfield SA 508